1. Avoid Porn:

Avoid porn and Masturbation for 7-14 days will boost your testosterone and sex drive, will improve your erection.

2. Zone 2 Cardio:

Doing cardio regularly improves your heart and blood flow, better blood flow leads to harder erection.

3. Daily Sunlight:

Daily sunlight exposure (60 minutes) increases testosterone, leading to better sex and harder erections.

4. Zinc:

Zinc deficiency leads to lower testosterone.

Get 25mg/day for more testosterone and harder erection.

5. Avoid Alcohol:

Drinking alcohol lowers your testosterone, increases your estrogen and lowers your spermcoun.

6. Tongkat Ali:

Tongkat Ali raises your free testosterone by 100-200 points.

Get 400mg /day for higher free testosterone and harder erection.

7. Lose of Weight:

Fat cells lower testosterone in your body, keep your body fat between 10-15% for optimal testosterone levels.

8. Quality Sleep:

less sleep- less testosterone.

sleep 7-8 hours at night for more testosterone and harder erections.

9. Bonus:

Supplements for harder erection.

i. L-culture

ii. L-Arginine

iii. Magnesium